Pet Dental Care in Walnut, IL

Why Is Regular and Preventive Pet Dental Care Important?

Dogs, cats, and other mammals can have problems with decay, gum disease, and tooth deterioration. Numerous issues can affect a pet’s oral health, but many pet parents do not understand the issues or do not feel dental care for their pets is especially important. Animals who do not have some level of dental care can experience a range of problems, such as:

  •   Issues with dental pain due to decay or loose teeth
  •   Problems with excess bacteria that can make the animal more prone to oral infections
  •   Issues with eating because of oral pain
Pet Dental Care in Walnut, IL

How to Practice Good At-Home Pet Dental Care

You may not be able to brush your pet’s teeth every day, but there are things you can do to practice good oral hygiene habits at home with your pet:

  • Pay close attention to their diet; keep treats at a minimum
  • Be sure your pet is getting ample kibble or dry food
  • Offer teeth-cleaning treats once a day or a few times per week

Our Veterinary Dental Services in Walnut, IL

At Green River Veterinary Services, we offer a full lineup of care for the betterment of your pet’s oral health. We take care of the general preventive visits to keep oral health in check, but we can also help with some of the more common dental problems pets can face. We provide:

  • Teeth Cleaning​ – Cleaning a pet’s teeth at home is not always easy. Keep issues with gum disease and tooth decay at bay with periodic cleaning in our office.
  • Dental X-Rays​ – Sometimes dental problems are deeper than we can see with a visual exam. Dental x-rays for pets give us an in-depth look at issues that could be taking place so we can come up with the best treatment solutions.
  • Tooth Extractions​ – A bad tooth can inhibit your pet’s ability to eat and drink properly. We have the experience and tools to perform tooth extractions when necessary and keep your pet as comfortable as possible while we do.
  • Oral Surgery​ – In rare cases, issues or injury to the structure of your pet’s mouth or teeth can require surgery. Allow our team of professionals to assist with pet oral surgery to correct or mend worrisome issues.
Walnut, IL Pet Dental Care

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The benefits of keeping your pet’s oral health in good condition can include better overall nutrition, quality of life, and even longevity. If you need help with pet dental care in walnut, IL, reach out to us at Green River Veterinary Services to schedule an appointment.